Başman Group Slogan Başman Group Slogan

Basman Group Of Companies Human Resources Policy

  • To enable our Group to continue its activities effectively in the way of determining the quality of the employees continuously.
  • Make the necessary plans to be the leader company which the skilled employees tend to prefer.
  • To adopt the employment procedure in parallel with the Global developments and to meet The Islands’ future empoyment expectations.
  • To give incentives, in order to attract the skilled staff in the community and to increase the commitment and performans of the present employees.
  • To filter employees’ contribution and performances and to give incentives according to these, also encourage promotions within the company.
  • To provide its employees the necessary training programmes in order to increase the satisfaction of the employees and to encourage them to follow their positive developments towards their jobs.
  • To adopt Performance Management System in order for the employeese to detect the benefits of their work.
  • To adopt Career Management System in order to encourage the staff with development potential for the poromotions within the company.
  • Providing up-to-date information about the adjustable jobs in the company, Personnel Resource service and working conditions, conducting job analyzes to evaluate the information, preparing appropriate job descriptions in the company conditions.
  • To adopt systems to encourage success and innovative ideas in the company from all parties; Staff, customers, partners, suppliers and the whole community.
  • To make surveys among staff and value their ideas in order to motivate them.
  • To ensure that, all the staff have the consciousness of The Corporate Culture.
  • To create the idea of sustainablity amongs staff. Preparing long term strategies for the companies’ sustainability.
  • To increase awareness of all the staff towards the importance of Occupational Health and Safety Procedures, in order to develop systems to avoid work accidents..

You don’t build a business, you build people. And then people build the business.

Zig Zaglar