Başman Group Slogan Başman Group Slogan
This is a story of a masterpiece founded by Salih Başman and Mustafa Başman, where dreams turned into realities and realities turned into success.
Başman Brothers was established with the contribution of unforgetable friend Douglas Greenfield. Its first import was Baby Powder from England.
One of the first International Brands of the Island “Mobil Petrol Station” was opened in Famagusta.
Importation of Cleaning Products started.
1963 - 1974
Importation business slowed down due to the war. However, in order to serve its customers during the hard war conditions, Başman Brothers continued the imoprtation of medical products and main necessity products.
With the ending of the war, Başman Brothers speeded up its investments.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed for Northern Cyprus with Colgate–Palmolive.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed for Northern Cyprus with Twinings Tea.
Başman Industries Ltd was established by Salih Başman, Mustafa Başman and Necati Başman. The aim was to produce Cosmetics, Instecticides, Room Deodorants, Women and Baby Talc Powder and confectionery products.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed for Northern Cyprus with the world Cosmetic giant Avon Cosmetics.
With the joining of the new generation members, the partnership company was converted into a limited company.
Ali Başman has been appointed as the Director of the Company as the first member of the 2nd generation of the Group.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed for Northern Cyprus with the UK’s best fruit juice seller company Britvic.
The company started to operate in the field of textile with the initiative of Ali Başman and its first brand, Sarar, opened its first store in Nicosia.
Ali Başman was appointed as the Director of Accounting & Finance and Osman Başman as the Director of Sales and Marketing.
Avon cosmetics business which was grown by the efforts of Mrs Mevhibe Başman was handed over to her daughter Pınar Başman who was assigned as the Avon Cosmetics Director of the company.
Sole distributorship agreements were signed with Tariş Olive Oil Company, Happy Cow Cheese, Vodka Cruiser and Verger Kaas brands.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed with the biggest Scottish Biscuit producer, Walkers Biscuits. In the same year, a further agreement was signed with Slaur Alcoholic Beverages Company.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed for Northern Cyprus with Devon Biscuits.
An agreement was signed with The worlds biggest sports company Nike.
Construction of the Nike building started in March. The building, which was designed by Nike architects was the first Nike store to be built from the field and still remains to be within the ten biggest Nike stores in Europe. The construction was completed within 9 months and the store started welcoming its customers as from December 2007.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed for Northern Cyprus with Canbebe.
Second Nike Store was opened in Güzelyurt.
The company created its own brand Tango to Buddha Restaurant & Bar and entered the entertainment business in January 2010.
The Group invested in Agriculture by planting 5.000 Olive trees in the Geçitkale area and the production of olive and olive oil started.
Distributorship agreements were signed with Time Çizmeci, Illy Coffee, San Pellegrino and Aqua Panna Brands. Furthermore, an agreement was signed for the distributorship of Gezer Slippers.
The distributorships of Söke Flour and Chef Seasons were acquired.
In October, The Grand Pasha Hotel & Casino & Spa was opened as an affiliate of our Group in the center of Kyrenia. The hotel serves as a 5-star boutique hotel with 128 rooms and 300 accommodation capacity. It also serves its customers with a 1500 m2 Casino.
Agreements were signed with New Balance and Vans Clothing companies. First stores were opened in Nicosia.
An agreement was signed with the world famous brand Tommy Hilfiger. Its first store was opened in Nicosia in December.
Second branches of New Balance and Vans Stores were opened in Famagusta.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed with Tork.
Nike Lefkoşa Fitness Center was opened in March.
Our Summer Entertainment venue, The Cielo Lounge Bar was opened on the roof of the Grand Pasha Hotel in June.
A sole distributorship agreement was signed for Northern Cyprus with Shark Energy Drinks.
Distributorship of the world famous Monin Syrup was acquired.
An agreement was signed with Northern Cyprus’s largest milk and milk products manufacturer KOOP – SÜT, for the distribution of its products in the Nicosia District plus distribution in The HORECA’s (Hotels – Restaurants – Cafes) in the whole island.
A Multi-Brand sports store was created under the name of Sportsoul Brand, the first store was opened in Citymall Shopping Center in Famagusta.
B - Sport started activities in the field of Team Sports sales.
The Group entered the construction sector in March and Başman Real Estate Company was established.
Nike opened its 3rd store in Kyrenia in August.
Başman Energy was established in Kalkanlı-Güzelyurt area with a 500kw capacity Medium Voltage Line Solar Energy Power plant.
Franchise agreements were signed with Calvin Klein, The North Face and Timberland and the first Multi-Brand Store was opened in Kyrenia under the name B-Plus Premium Brands.
Franchisee agreement was signed with the world cosmetic giant MAC and the first store is opened in Nicosia.
At present, Başman Group of Companies continues its activities under seven main sectors; FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Cosmetics, Textiles, Construction, Agricalture, Fitness, Tourism and Entertainment.