Başman Group Slogan Başman Group Slogan

Whatever its’ size and importance the most important factor in companies is HUMAN! Customer satisfaction with quality service is only possible by Humans, the technology, physical conditions and economic conditions are also very important but the most important source for the customer satisfaction is HUMAN. This is the reason why investing in Human Resources is very valuable.

By acknowledging this, Başman Group of Companies have established Başman Academy in January 2017 after a year of preparation and started in-company trainings. These training programs are prepared by the experts with theoretical and practical know-how and aims for high attendance and to give the excitement to the participants to look forward to joining the upcoming training programs. Our employees are very valuable to us and by investing in them, we aim to carry the company to a brighter future. It should never be forgotten that the success of the companies is very much dependent upon improving their employees’ strengths and weaknesses.