Başman Group Slogan Başman Group Slogan

With the awareness of “Healthy Life, Environmental Sensivity and Social Responsibility”, Başman Group has established its Renewable Solar Energy Power Plant in 2020 in Kalkanlı-Güzelyurt area.

The Power Plant is built on 11 acres of land with a total of 1206 units of 390 watt solar panels. With a total production capacity of 470 KW, the solar power plant is estimated to produce enough electricity supply for about 160 houses (approximately 800.000 Kwh) in 1 year.The power plant facility will prevent approximately 575,079 kg of carbon dioxide emission per year. This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide amount cleaned by 27.380 trees per year.

Human, Social and Enviromental responsibilities having being the high priority of Başman Group, we will always respect our country’s enviromental values and continue to grow steadily by valuing the importance of the clean environment and a green country. As it has always been for 60 years..